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Supply Chain Management

As an integral part of our project management service, Remedy will develop a Supply Chain Management Plan with Client defined authorities and control levels. In all cases, we ensure a competitive and transparent process which maximizes Client return on investment. All documents: work scope definition, bidders list, bid invitations, vendor proposals, bid evaluations and best value award recommendations are permanantly recorded and kept in the Clients exclusvie file managment sytem for audit access.

Included in this service is a three-way matching process that vets invoices against contract terms and field verified delivery tickets. This ensures our Client pays only for goods and services received and at contracted rates. 

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Our Services
Our Business Ethics

Our company's reputation for ethical practices is our most valued asset, and will be maintained throughout all of our endeavors. Remedy Energy Services Inc. will maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all of our business dealings.


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